WHAT IF we celebrated local music?

We've all known people who sit out elections, insisting their one vote could never make a difference. And sure, in a presidential election with more than a hundred million voters, that's most likely the case.

But when it comes to voter turnouts that number in the thousands, as was the case in this year's Indy Music Awards, that's definitely not the case. Yet even we were surprised to discover a tie among this year's first-place winners, and to see other categories come down to just a handful of votes.


Live music performed downtown for your listening pleasure. You want more to do in COS on Thursday nights? This is your chance.


These talented musicians live, work and play in the Colorado Springs area. They're your neighbors and friends. Heck, they might even be family!


You vote on your favorites, we organize the festival. It's that simple. So be sure to spread the word!